Top 5 Tips for Designing Leaflets

1. Think Outside The Box

Many people will just consider a standard design when it comes to leaflets but there are many ways you can make your leaflet design interesting and different to others. Instead of looking at your competitions printed leaflet designs for inspiration, use them to see what no to do. Stand out from your competition and look for unique out of the box ideas.

2. Content

Content is king. Your content needs to be simple attractive and commercial. You need to engage your audience with straight forward, high impact copy. Keep it simple, don’t bombard your leaflet design with loads of information as readers find this boring, use bullet points instead. Images say more than words so let the images speak for themselves and adopt a less is more approach.

3. Know Your Audience

Does your leaflet design target your audience effectively? Define your audience by age, location and social status. Ensure you leaflet design is suitable and professional as it only takes a mere few seconds for the eye to judge your marketing material.

4. Images

Images can have a huge impact on all marketing material, especially if you are promoting products or a service. Make sure you are using high quality images and graphics when designing your leaflet. Be careful of what imagery you use as these will be associated with your business and you don’t want any misinterpretations or negative connotations associated with your brand.

 5. Understand Design Rules

Using the right font, and understanding the importance of layout and format is vital. You need to consider the fact that most people read from left to right and top to bottom – know and understand the psychology of reading and you’re leaflet will be well received.

Creating successful leaflets isn’t an easy task or one that you should go into unprepared. If you’re thinking about printing a leaflet or any other marketing material, speak with our expert team today. Quality in your print will have a huge effect on the overall success of your leaflet.

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